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Menagerie Collection Drapery Hardware Products

Created for interior designers like you, Menagerie offers a superior understanding of exactly what your clients need. We stock a wide range of quality Menagerie products from fabricated drapery hardware to traverse rods, and much more.

Everything in the collecti on is tastefully stylish, comprising unique designs created in-house. Menagerie’s rods, finials, and brackets are hand-painted and finished to the highest standard.

menagerie collection drapery hardware

Check out some of our client favorites below. And remember, these are just a few of the many drapery hardware options we have available from this brand. If you are interested in seeing more, check out the product catalog and register for an account to access all the incredible options we have to offer from this manufacturer here at Creative Treatments!

From curtain bling to custom shades and finials, the Menagerie collection of drapery hardware is among the finest collection of drapery supplies in the world of interior design. Designers and window treatment professionals love this brand for good reason; Menagerie curtain rods accommodate architectural obscurities with ease, include a depth of fully customizable finish options, and feature designer-friendly selections that masterfully complement whatever interior styles you’re hoping to achieve.

The expansive menagerie catalog is bursting with fresh design concepts that are revolutionizing the interior design community. The functional, edgy, and vibrant collection allows for simplified interior design planning and includes a nearly limitless variety of beautiful colors, styles, and materials to choose from.

We Carry Menagerie:

  • Rods
  • Finials
  • Brackets
  • & More

Menagerie Is Among The Most Popular Brands For Interior Designers

Finding the ideal design concepts is essential to the success of your design business and improved customer satisfaction. Since the Menagerie collection of drapery hardware features a look for every unique interior taste, updating your design offerings with any of the quality Menagerie drapery hardware options provides a welcomed boost to any business.

In the Menagerie catalog, there are an array of exclusive designs you won’t find in other collections. Menagerie drapery hardware has earned its place among the top designer brands for good reason; they continually innovate with tasteful Menagerie curtain rods, decorative design accessories, and maintain a leading edge with better interior choices and quality products designed to last.

Some of the most popular Menagerie curtain rods, rings, curtain bling, and drapery enhancements you’ll find online at Creative Treatments, include:

  • Custom French Rods
  • Eye-Catching Track Fascias
  • Smooth Track Systems
  • Natural Options Like Bamboo
  • Finials, Rings, & Bling to Match
  • & More Captivating Design Selections…

Menagerie Curtain Rods are Highly Versatile

menagerie curtain rods

Equally as important as finding an interior style you love is the simplicity of installation and adaptability of the designs. The expert team behind the Menagerie collection of drapery hardware has considered every element of architectural design. Menagerie curtain rods and accessories will optimize your interior design capabilities and include durable components that function as well as they look.

Finding the exact Menagerie hardware and accessories you need has never been easier. We specialize in pairing our designer clients with the exact components they need to pull off the complicated interior designs. We even provide our clients with personal design assistance; we’ll help you narrow down your search, highlight beautiful concepts that align with your goals and connect you with the best wholesale deals for streamlined design projects from start to finish.

Many of the designer options from Menagerie hardware flow with modern, classic, or minimalist designs. Their well-designed track systems and mounts operate behind the scenes, resulting in pristine aesthetic styles that keep the focus on the beautiful finials, bling, and floating hooks. With so many colors and luxury styles available, Menagerie hardware easily accentuates accompanying decor or can be successfully implemented into minimalist designs where blending in is the goal.

Discover the Best Drapery Supplies Online

As you browse the extensive Menagerie collection, feel free to get in touch with our caring professionals for in-depth guidance and personalized service that accommodates your specific project needs. Along with exceptional brands like Menagerie, we’re happy to connect you with top brands like Magnolia drapery hardware, Orion, Paris Texas, and more. Thanks to our valued partnerships in the industry, we’re able to pair our clients with amazing wholesale rates and continue to provide design-enhancing opportunities backed by integrity and friendly service above all else.

    • Menagerie 1 3/8” Hardware Collection #38WF09

      Dubois Drapery Rod Finial

      Product # 38WF09
      Size 1 3/8” x 4 ¾” x 4”

      1 3/8” Hardware Collection

      Finish Shown: Antique Silver

      Material: Resin

    • Menagerie 1 3/8” Hardware Collection #38WF05

      Bouquet Drapery Rod Finial

      Product # 38WF05
      Size 1 3/8” x 4 ¾” x 2 ½”

      1 3/8” Hardware Collection

      Finish Shown: Faux Wood

      Material: Resin

    • Urban Dwellings Collection #F1017-FW

      Domus Loft Drapery Rod Finial

      Product # F1017-FW
      Size 2” x 4 ¾” x 4”

      Urban Dwellings Collection

      Finish Shown: Fruitwood

      Material: Wood

    • Urban Dwellings Collection #F011-FW

      Chelsea Fruitwood Drapery Rod Finial

      Product # F011-FW
      Size 2” x 6” x 3 ½”

      Urban Dwellings Collection

      Finish Shown: Fruitwood

      Material: Wood

    • Menagerie Bamboo Collection #WF128-BB

      Bamboo Pineapple Drapery Rod Finial

      Product # WF128-BB
      Size 2” x 5 ¾” x 3 ¼”

      The Bamboo Collection

      Finish Shown: Bamboo

      Material: Resin

    • Menagerie 2” Hardwood Collection #AF101

      Clear Acrylic Drapery Rod Finial

      Product # AF101
      Size 2” x 5 1/4” x 3 ¼”

      2” Hardwood Collection

      Finish Shown: Aged White

      Material: Acrylic Resin

    • Outdoor Casa Artistica Collection #K72232

      Leaf Drapery Rod Finial

      Product # K72232
      Size 1 ¼” x 3” x 10 1/2” x 6”

      Outdoor Casa Artistica Collection

      Finish Shown: Flaxen Gold

      Material: Wrought Iron

    • Menagerie Bamboo Collection #WF114-BB

      Bamboo Crown Drapery Rod Finial

      Product # WF114-BB
      Size 2” x 6 ½” x 4”

      The Bamboo Collection

      Finish Shown: Bamboo

      Material: Resin

    • Menagerie 2” Hardware Collection #WF135

      Fluted Ball Drapery Rod Finial

      Product # WF135
      Size 2” x 4 ½” x 4 ½”

      2” Hardware Collection

      Finish: Aged White

      Material: Resin

    • menagerie

      Flame Drapery Hardware Finial

      Product # WF104
      Size 8" x 3 1/2" x 8"

      The 2″ Wood Collection

      Finish Shown: Faux Wood

      Material: Resin

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