A close up shot of curtain trims


Complete your vision and take your designs to the next level with distinctive trims.

We know that in interior design, the smallest details often have the biggest impact, and that professional interior designers like you know that no design is complete without the finishing touches. To enable you to find those perfect finishing details, we offer a wide variety of high-end trims here at Creative Treatments. Our team works together with top brands to source trims in an expansive selection of styles, colors, and textures to meet your needs, and allow you to make your vision a reality. Thanks to this wide selection, you can achieve the exact look and feel your clients envisioned when they entrusted you with their space.

Whatever your design style may be, we’re able to source the perfect materials to match. With the added bonus of stellar customer service and a strong focus on fashion-forward design, you can rest assured that our Creative Treatments team will help you find the trimmings and decorative accents needed to complete your interior design project.

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