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Complete your vision and take your designs to the next level with distinctive trims.

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We know that in interior design, the smallest details often have the biggest impact, and that professional interior designers like you know that no design is complete without the finishing touches. To enable you to find those perfect finishing details, we offer a wide variety of high-end trims here at Creative Treatments. Our team works together with top brands to source trims in an expansive selection of styles, colors, and textures to meet your needs, and allow you to make your vision a reality. Thanks to this wide selection, you can achieve the exact look and feel your clients envisioned when they entrusted you with their space.

Whatever your design style may be, we’re able to source the perfect materials to match. With the added bonus of stellar customer service and a strong focus on fashion-forward design, you can rest assured that our Creative Treatments team will help you find the trimmings and decorative accents needed to complete your interior design project.

Shop Our Selection of High-End Drapery Trim

Complement existing color schemes, emphasize interesting patterns and tie the room together with the depth of decorative trim selections at Creative Treatments. Our decorative trim suppliers feature an endless supply of decorative trim combinations and simplify high-end design with accommating trim styles that refine basic curtain displays with brighter energy and a bolder outline.

Thanks to our established relationships with the best drapery trim manufacturers, Creative Treatments connects top designers and window treatment professionals with access to quality, affordable, and never-before-seen decorative trim selections. Our professional drapery trim manufacturers share in our passion for uncompromising excellence and consistently innovate with trim styles that adapt to modern design, classic looks, and every design element in between. From subtle lace and textured accentuation to golden tassels and appealing patterns, our dedicated drapery trim suppliers provide a range of customized quality you won’t find anywhere else online.

We Offer a Variety Of Trims That Come in a Number Of:

  • Styles
  • Colors
  • Textures

Best Trims to Add the Finishing Touches to Your Project

When you partner with Creative Treatments, you’ll have unlimited access to a blossoming collection of captivating styles. We hope to develop lasting relationships with the designers and window treatment specialists we serve and take the time to outline exclusive looks that respect your project’s budget, timeline, and creative ingenuity.

Less is more, and sometimes the simple addition of decorative trim is all it takes to create that magnificent look your clients were hoping for. We’ll help you find that magnificent look, and with so many flexible decorative trim styles to choose from, you’re only a few quality selections away from an enhanced interior design project that reflects your preferences, protects your business budget, and captures your client’s design vision with vivid decorative trim detail.

With unique elements like texturization, contrasting patterns, and bright colors that perfectly match furnishings and fixtures, basic designs transform into works of interior design art. Our cool styles and well-made trim easily attach to curtains, coordinate with nearly every curtain style or shade material imaginable, and are individually tailored to meet the exact specifications of your project parameters.

Unlock Design Potential With Customized Drapery Trim Wholesale

Our drapery trim suppliers empower designers with fully customizable decorative trim solutions. Whether you’re hoping to upgrade an entire hotel design with luxury trim additions, or you need to find a reliable drapery trim manufacturer for savings over your current drapery trim suppliers, we provide the best drapery trim wholesale deals in the industry. We’ll even organize the invoicing, communicate with the suppliers, and narrow down the appropriate styles that correspond with your plans so you can remain focused on the important aspects of design.

Thousands of designers and window treatment specialists have come to rely on our drapery trim wholesale opportunities when every detail counts. Our innovative trim options inspire trending interiors, our workroom supplies and hardware brands support design projects in their entirety, and we have the largest variety of wholesale trim supplies you’ll find anywhere online.

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When you partner with Creative Treatments to emphasize the best features of your next interior design project, you’ll have access to an array of business-boosting benefits like:

  • Reliable Inventory Resupply With Fast Delivery
  • Adaptable Trim Incorporates With Every Design
  • Colors, Textures, and Styles That Please Every Client
  • Affordable Options Make it Easy to Expand Current Offerings
  • Regularly Updated Styles to Stay Ahead of the Trends
  • & More Designer-first Advantages...

Beyond connecting you with amazing drapery trim wholesale savings, our primary focus is to become your trusted design advocate. At Creative Treatments, you’ll have your very own account executive assisting with every last detail; you never have to deal with multiple points of contact, complicated trim manufacturer guidelines, or manage confusing invoices from an array of vendors. By partnering with us to find the decorative trim, hardware, and accessories for your next design projects, you can get back to doing what you do best; creating designs that your clients will love while protecting your budget and project deadlines.

Learn More About Our Comprehensive Designer Assistance

By taking the time to understand the specific goals and desires of the designers we partner with, we aim to support design capabilities from the ground up. If your interior design business could benefit from better trim selections, consistent quality and durability, and simplified supplier relationships, we’d love to talk more. You can register your business online for unlimited access to our designer catalogs, or give us a call and we’ll help you find exactly what you need for your next project.

If you have any questions about our trim styles, curtain hardware, or would like to discover the Creative Treatments difference with always personalized service, don’t hesitate to reach out for friendly and useful designer guidance today.

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