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Passion driven. User inspired designs.

At the heart of interior design is the client’s – and the designer’s – inspiration and vision. Working with The Finial Company helps you to make this vision a reality. If you can imagine it, Finial can make it.

Shop The Finial Company Catalog For Your Next Interior Design Project

Each Finial product is custom and hand-finished. The company’s one-of-a-kind designs and special collections are sure to steal the show, no matter the project. Infinite possibilities await.
finial company traverse rods
Check out some of our client favorites below. And remember, these are just a few of the many drapery hardware options we have available from this brand. If you are interested in seeing more, check out the product catalog and register for an account to access all the incredible options we have to offer from this manufacturer here at Creative Treatments!

Complement interior finishes and upscale decor with the sophisticated hand-painted and plated concepts from The Finial Company. Our dedicated artisans specialize in personalization with every order; our fully customizable options capture your preferred style and perfectly accentuate every window shape and floor plan imaginable. From bold and modern, to vibrant and luxurious, The Finial Company’s extensive line of curtain rods, finial finishes, and quality curtain accessories elevate interior design projects with eye-catching attention to detail.

In The Finial Company Catalog, you’ll find a beautiful selection that naturally blends with and accentuates the best features of every room. When you browse The Finial Company hardware collection, you can pick and choose from over 400 custom combinations, or work directly with our artisans to create a bold new look that reflects the personality of your space.

Our Finial Company traverse rods adapt to the layout of your room. You can select from a variety of Finial Company traverse rod finishes, finial end pieces, and mix and match your favorite Finial Company hardware to create a captivating look for every room in the house. Since every Finial Company traverse rod is finished by hand, you can expect to receive one-of-a-kind Finial Company traverse rods, tie-backs, and finial pieces designed exclusively to your precise specifications.

When you work with The Finial Company to create customized curtain hardware, you can choose from hand-painted finish options like:

  • Chrome
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Satin Gold
  • Brushed Black Nickel
  • & More Premium Design Options…

Perfect the Look With The Finial Company Hardware

Dedicated craftsmanship and hands-on artisanal expertise are infused into every unique item you’ll find in the Finial Company catalog. The Finial Company is continually innovating with breathtaking new metalwork, light-catching designs, and offers a thoughtful collection of accessories that seamlessly enhance whatever interior design dreams you’re hoping to achieve.

What Products Do We Carry From The Finial Company?

the finial company

  • Drapery Rods
  • Curtain Tiebacks
  • Drapery Rod Brackets
  • & More

The Finial Company Hardware selections flow with both interior and exterior design needs. For exterior design excellence, our artisans provide an array of captivating design options professionally sealed with weather-resistant gloss and durable laminates. Our versatile designs even protect your new curtain hardware and accessories from UV damage, humidity, and sea spray!

Finial Company’s Window Solutions Adapt to Interior Designs

Whether you’re looking for new inspiration for your next project, or you have a great idea that you’re hoping to bring to life, the artisans at The Finial Company are your go-to resource for one-of-a-kind curtain hardware. With years of experience customizing curtain hardware and designs to precise window specifications, no window setup is beyond our talented design team.

After you browse the diverse selection of bold and modern designs in Finial Company’s catalog, we have a ton of other beautiful brands to choose from. If your interior design clients have eco-friendly plans in mind, our Magnolia hardware catalog has the earth-conscious hardware you’re after. If you’d like to see more elegantly brushed rods, custom-fitted finials, and exquisite tie-backs, our Orion drapery hardware collection has an expansive selection of luxury pieces that are sure to leave an impression.

Still can’t find the perfect curtain setup after browsing our Finial Company catalog? Get in touch with our friendly curtain experts at Creative Treatments and we’ll gladly help you find an eye-catching design your clients will love!

    • ½ Inch Steel Drapery Hardware Collection #EC41

      Dome Drapery Rod Finial

      Product # EC41
      Size ½” x 7/8” x 1 ¼”

      Shown for 1/2″ Drapery Rod

      Finish Shown: Grey with Gold

      Material: Steel

    • ¾ Inch Steel Drapery Hardware Collection #BIRD1

      Bird on Branch Drapery Rod Finial

      Product # BIRD1
      Size ¾” x 1 3/8” x 14” x 11 ½”

      Shown for 3/4″ Drapery Rod

      Finish Shown: Custom

      Material: Steel

    • 1 Inch Steel Drapery Hardware Collection #L8858751

      Steel Drapery Rod Finial

      Product # L8858751
      Size 1” x 1 ½” x 5 ¾” x 3 ¾”

      Shown for 2″ Drapery Rod

      Finish Shown: Bronze with Gold and Grey

      Material: Steel

    • 1 1/4 “ Steel Drapery Hardware Collection #L5385

      Globe Drapery Rod Finial

      Product # L5385
      Size 1 ¼” x 5” x 4 ½”

      Shown for 1 1/4″ Drapery Rod

      Finish Shown: Platinum with Black Highlights

      Material: Steel

    • 1 3/4 Inch Steel Drapery Hardware Collection #SF138

      Temple Drapery Rod Finial

      Product # SF138
      Size 1 ¾” x 4” x 2 ¼”

      Shown for 1 3/4″ Drapery Rod

      Finish Shown: Statuary Bronze with Gold

      Material: Steel

    • 1 3/8 inch Drapery Hardware Collection #F138-8

      Boyd Drapery Rod Finial

      Product # F138-8
      Size 1 3/8” x 3 ¼” x 3”

      Shown for 1 3/8″ Drapery Rod

      Finish Shown: Hickory

      Material: Resin

    • 2 Inch Drapery Hardware Collection #GB2

      Crystal Drapery Rod Finial

      Product # GB2
      Size 2” x 5 ¼” x 3 3/8”

      Shown for 2″ Drapery Rod

      Finish Shown: Platinum

      Material: Crystal

    • 2 ¼ Inch Drapery Hardware Collection #RF202

      Tarnished Silver Drapery Rod Finial

      Product # RF202
      Size 2 ¼” x 2 ½” x 7 ¼” x 5”

      Shown for 2 1/4″ Drapery Rod

      Finish Shown: Tarnished Silver

      Material: Resin

    • 3 Inch Drapery Hardware Collection #3R35

      Antique Finish Drapery Rod Finial

      Product # 3R35
      Size 3” x 3 ¾” x 8 ½” x 6 ½”

      Shown for 3″ Drapery Rod

      Finish Shown: Antique

      Material: Resin

    • finial company

      Resin Drapery Rod Finial

      Product # F214-14
      Size 4 7/8" x 3 1/2" x 2 7/8"

      Shown for 2″ Drapery Rod

      Finish Shown: Oil Rubbed Bronze

      Material: Resin

    • The Finial Company 3” Drapery Rod #3GR

      Grooved Drapery Rod

      Product # 3GR

      3” Drapery Rod Collection

      Finish Shown: Antique

      Material: Wood

    • The Finial Company 1 3/8” Modern Metal Collection #TFCM138010

      Modern Metal Drapery Rod

      Product # TFCM138010
      Size 1 3/8”

      Modern Metal 1 3/8″ Collection

      Finish Shown: Brushed Black Nickel

      Material: Metal

    • The Finial Company Modern Drapery Collection #TFCM138420

      Drapery Rod Bracket

      Product # TFCM138420
      Size 2” x 3 ½”

      Modern Drapery 1 3/8″ Collection

      Finish Shown: Brushed Black Nickel

      Material: Metal

    • The Finial Company Steel Bracket #L235

      Drapery Rod Bracket

      Product # L235
      Size ¾” x 3 5/8” x 3 ½”

      The Finial Company 1 3/8″ Steel Bracket

      Finish Shown: Aged Gold

      Material: Steel

    • The Finial Company Drapery Accessory #STBA7F

      Nature Inspired Drapery Tieback Rosette

      Product # STBA7F
      Size 9 ½” x 5”

      The Finial Company Drapery Accessory

      Finish Shown: Rose Gold

      Material: Metal

    • The Finial Company Drapery Accessory #R101

      Sunflower Drapery Tieback Rosette

      Product # R101
      Size 5 ½” x 5 ½”

      The Finial Company Drapery Accessory

      Finish Shown: Mahogany Rust with Gold Accents

      Material: Metal

    • The Finial Company Drapery Accessory #R107

      Layce Drapery Tieback Rosette

      Product # R107
      Size 5 ¼” x 5 ¼”

      The Finial Company Drapery Accessory

      Finish Shown: Vintage Bronze

      Material: Metal

    • The Finial Company Drapery Accessory #R16

      Sol Drapery Tieback Rosette

      Product # R16
      Size 3” x 3”

      The Finial Company Drapery Accessory

      Finish Shown: Flat Black with Gold

      Material: Metal

    • The Finial Company Drapery Accessory #REP1

      Basket Weave Drapery Tieback Rosette

      Product # REP1
      Size 4 1/8” x 4 1/8”

      The Finial Company Drapery Accessory

      Finish Shown: Rustic Iron

      Material: Metal

    • Resin Drapery Tieback Rosette

      Resin Drapery Tieback Rosette

      Product # R-2
      Size 4 1/2"

      The Finial Company Drapery Accessory

      Finish Shown: Ash Gray

      Material: Resin

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