Wait, How Many Brands?!

By Faith Prince

Welcome To Our Brands

We love our clients. We want to be of service to designers and window treatment specialists. So please noodle around and don’t hesitate to reach out if you are curious about anything or would like more information. We are passionate about what you do and we are in awe of your talent. Our goal is to make the world more beautiful – one window treatment at a time. Enjoy a trip around our product lines!

The Finial Company

A favorite of many designers, The Finial Company features elegant drapery hardware in handcrafted steel, wood, and resin with so many finishes, you are sure to find the perfect one. They features 234 distinctive finials, each one crafted by hand. Their corded traverse rod systems can be motorized and also offer metal traverse systems that move at the touch of a button. If you want to dress up your outside living space, their Outdoor Hardware Collection will lend an elegant touch to those patios, decks and outdoor kitchens you enjoy so much, lending a soft kiss to rustic surfaces such as brick, stone, and wood.

Paris Texas

People are passionate about Paris Texas drapery hardware. Paris Texas is justly proud of their motorized metal and wood traversing rods. If your client wants a simple hardware treatment to showcase the fabric and cut of the drapes, you will find it here. A more dramatic statement with heavy rods and ornate finials that demand attention can be achieved with their distinctive collection of enhancements. From the most modern look to pieces that evoke old world charm are available to the designer. Creating a window treatment for someone’s home means that your design is something the homeowner is going to live with for a very long time. We want what you want, an installation with a beautiful result and no complications. The elements you choose from Paris Texas will achieve that.


Swiss crystal on wood. Sounds like something fit for a royal, doesn’t it? Well, it could be. And it could be yours. Orion hardware is designed to capture the imagination. Design Art by Orion gives you a world of drapery accessories to create any look your imagination can conjure. The window treatments that are born from your creativity can become lasting memories for the homeowners who trust you to tell their story. From simple hangs to metal traversing rods, Orion products give you the latitude to leave your mark on the lovely homes that your designs grace. Take a stroll though the catalog and prepare to be amazed.


Colorful, contemporary and custom are the three words that come to mind with Ona. Embracing the excitement of the 21st century while clinging to the quality of the past, Ona products can provide any piece of hardware you can imagine to complete your window treatments. If you want a tasteful rosette, you’ll be happy with their traditional designs, but if it’s a crab, dragonfly or bear you’re after, we have that too. If you’ve dreamed up a rosette that you’ve never seen before, we can probably make it. Drapery rods of every kind are at your disposal, premium quality hardware and finishes to delight even the most hard-to-please design professional. We cater to those who demand the finest, because our clients are the finest.


When your client is economizing, Select offers a variety of options that blend with a modern farmhouse, a classic Colonial or a post and beam mansion. Poles, traverse rods, brackets, finials and rings come in wood and metal. Iron Image wood poles pass for forged iron and when paired with actual iron rings and brackets, only you know it’s not all iron. Selects traverse rod is strong enough to carry the weight of your most ambitious drapes. Their French returns are a dream. Smooth and reeded poles from 1 3/8” to 2 ¼” diameter comes in lengths from 4’ to 16’. Select has the versatility you need without giving your client sticker shock.


A truly remarkable line of hardware created by true artisans. Three collections of product give designers a dizzying array of anything you could ever want to use for any design, from the most simple home to a recreation of Versailles. These contemporary rods, poles and finials could fill the needs of traditional applications. Finely and meticulously made, Vesta rods, poles, rings and brackets could grace any design style of any size. And Somfy motorization is an added bonus. Their finials are made of high leaded French crystal. If you want to make a statement, Vesta speaks your language.

House Parts

Another company to consider when your client needs a bit of budget sensitivity. Metal, wood and even wrought iron in desirable finishes make House Parts a great choice for quality hardware that won’t break the bank. House Parts offers pieces for every design style. Affordable traverse systems make these accessible for homeowners who are watching their expenses. Finishes from wood to brass and gold complement any color scheme. Every piece is cast and finished by hand. They have not sacrificed quality to make it cost effective. You can achieve the aesthetic you envisioned with the variety offered here.


Magnolia drapery hardware takes pride in offering wooden poles and rods that are sourced from American grown hardwoods, and strives to use recycled metal and glass. They innovative product in iron, including rings, traverse and motorized sets that come ready to install. Their new Contemporary metal features finishes in black, nickel, burnished copper and oil rubbed bronze. And all sets include magnetic brackets. And we calculate your rod lengths for corners and bays. You can’t go wrong with Magnolia; their name speaks of elegance and gracious living. Their products are made to be heirlooms.


Menagerie drapery rods and poles are offered in different diameters with compatible finials, rings, brackets and components. The signature Menagerie Collection finds itself comfortable in any eclectic environment, a traditional colonial, a 19th century brownstone or an aging rancher with a view of the golf course. City folk find our Urban Dwell collection suits their style; it is smart and sharp and no nonsense edgy. The Bamboo collection has an air of casual opulence, a sturdy, but lush dose of Vitamin Sea. The Modern collection is heading to the future, sleekly confident and shiny; it wants a loud party and comfortable Sundays reading the paper. A designer who doesn’t play it safe will find what they are looking for here. Their outside drapery hardware is ideal for taming the outdoor spaces like patios and pergolas.


An innovator, they have track systems to suit any application. With brass, steel, and wrought iron pole sets, there is a style to please anyone. Traversing rods come in garden variety, square rail, flat fascia and rectangular rail sets. Corded and motorized traversing is becoming more popular with ever passing year. They have also garnered praise for their bending and curving custom poles. Finials and accessories match the plethora of finishes. A window professional who thinks like a rebel will be able to bend this product to his or her will and end up with something to wow the observer.


A name everyone knows, the old workhorse of all things drapery. But don’t sell Kirsch short; there are some surprises here, along with the tried and true. Their Buckingham collection of finials and end caps cover every need from purely functional and non-invasive to modest to stage-stealing, show-stopping and demanding-to-be-admired drapery bling. They have been catering to the window covering trade for over a hundred years, but they’re anything but over the hill. They still provide the industry with drapery hardware for any sized project. Kirsch is the company everyone else has followed into the business. They have done it all and they still can supply the best to the best. Kirsch’s products hang in homes and hotels across the country. Check out Kirsch, and you will find it worth your while.

Deco and Deco

Give your house an Italian accent. Deco and Deco combines Italian artistry with high fashion European sensibilities to lend a sophisticated air to the American home. Choose the Murano Collection with artisan crafted rods, brackets and finials that celebrate light and air and freedom of movement with fine glass that leads the eye to admire hardware that supports the fabric to create a pleasing and comfortable tableau. The Crystal and Acrylic Collections offer elements that easily blend with any style to enhance your design schemes. Their metal rods and fixtures come in polished chrome, satin brass and aged brass, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze. The metal finials can evoke European charm, art deco for the devotee of industrial pre-war era, mid-century modern functionality and ultra modern optimism. Every fashion construct for the last hundred years will find compatible accents and elements to last through another generation.

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We hope that you enjoyed this tour of the fantastic hardware brands that we have to offer the interior design and window treatment retail community here at Creative Treatments. Feel free to contact us through our site, we would love to hear from you!

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