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Welcome to Creative Treatments

By Faith Prince

Where did Creative Treatments start?

Successful entrepreneurs Richard and Mary Lou Pagella founded Creative Treatments in 1987. They relied on Donna Kimble for administrative and logistical support. Donna learned every aspect of the business and helped her employers grow their business to become the premier drapery hardware supplier to the professional design industry.

When Donna bought Creative Treatments from the Pagellas in 2006, the founders knew they were putting their business in the hands of someone who was knowledgeable, dedicated and determined to succeed, and they were not disappointed.

Since then Donna has served the trade with excellent product and unparalleled customer service. Interior designers all over the country know that they can get not only the best drapery hardware, but also expert advice from Donna.

We know you…

To the trades only ~ We work with design professionals, window treatment specialists, and workrooms. Donna knows how you think. She understands the challenges you face: the client who thinks you can reproduce the complicated window treatment she saw in a magazine with a quick trip to Home Depot and Joanne’s Fabrics. Few people can comprehend the hours of work that go into creating a window treatment and even fewer know how much effort it takes to order the correct “hardware” and to have a flawless presentation that looks “organic” at the finish. We know.

We speak your language…

Stationary poles, traversing rod, brackets and finials are not words you often overhear in line at the movies or bantered about at a cocktail party, even though they are essential for your work. But we know them. Here at Creative Treatments, we live and breathe drapery hardware. Our product lines are curated for the discriminating designer. People like you.

That tiny double-hung window that the builder wedged right under a sharp gable made the exterior elevation more balanced. But he wasn’t thinking about how odd it looks from the inside of the great room – stuck up there looking abandoned and pointless thirty feet above and inaccessible. It has to be “dressed” and it’s up to you. If you can pull this off, you will have exceeded the engineering feats of those who built the pyramids.

When you hear “yes” to your design, that’s when you go into action. That perfect sketch you labored over and your client fell in love with translates to a lot of work to make it real. They have no idea what you have to do to make them happy.

We want you to be happy…

We know what frustrates you and what makes your life easier. That’s why we’re here. You design and we deliver. Donna Kimble is the brain of Creative Treatments. She knows the products and the difficulties of getting the right hardware from the most simple to the most complicated application. She will help you fine-tune that complex design and installation for perfect results.

We need you too…

Donna is the hardware expert. You are the designer. What Donna can’t do is your design work. Please check and double-check your measurements. If you can’t get the exact measurements, get your workroom to do it for you. Accuracy is your responsibility and your saving grace. Don’t overlook the details. We rely on you to do your due diligence where measurements are concerned. When you sign off on a quote, you will pay for that order, even if your measurements are wrong. Do everything in your power to be certain your numbers are accurate. Make your design choices wisely. Creative Treatments cannot decide on your fabric, colors, materials or other subjective choices.

We exist because of you…

Incorporating beauty in a pleasant and livable space is what you do best. Your hard work, the products of your imagination and talent will enhance the lives of the homeowners you work for and they will be basking in the admiration and praise for years from people who will never know your name. But we know your talent and effort and the energy you need when you are transforming a physical space into a place to love. We understand you.

You’re the best and you don’t deserve anything less. That is why you come to Creative Treatments for your drapery hardware. We operate on the level of excellence, and so do you. You pay attention. We pay attention. You never overlook the details and neither do we.
Just “good enough”, never is.

A Wish Called Donna

The universe of drapery hardware is a small one. Donna Kimble has been adding value to designer businesses on an ongoing basis for almost 35 years. She builds relationships by maintaining communication. Whether you are partial to Finial Company or Orion, Donna carries whatever you have to have. If you need something different or unusual, her other lines can provide. There isn’t a problem she can’t help you solve when it comes to hardware. She has endless patience with questions. She’ll never let you down. We have what you are looking for. Our goal is to make you look good. We work to make sure you are successful.

Donna has become friends with many of her clients. More than a few have ventured to the rural part of Maryland and found her working away, tucked in among the corn fields and horse farms where she does her magic. You will never find anyone who works harder than Donna Kimble or knows the product better. She comes from a long line of hard working farmers. Many nights she is still sending out quotes long past her dinner hour. That is the dedication she has for her customers. That is the devotion she has for you – the professional designer. Your satisfaction is her main concern.

When you buy a car, you drive off the lot and never see your salesman again. When you source your drapery hardware from Creative Treatments, Donna will follow up and make sure your installation goes as planned. Her expertise has saved many a window treatment. Her designers are important to her and she works with them to make sure they purchase the right product and have it installed correctly. You will never feel “out there” or without a clue. Donna gives you options, stands behind her products and remains available as long as you need her.

The Wonder of You…

We are awed by your ingenuity and the power of your artistry. We are inspired by your vision. You see the world as a blank canvas and strive to add beauty. Designers are awesome. Originality is your hallmark and the final result is always something to behold. We are thrilled to be a part of what you do!

Creative Treatments is here to provide you the materials to realize your window creations. We think you’re grand. And we know you’re smart, because you come to us for drapery hardware and expertise from Donna.

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