Donna Kimble

Donna grew up in a small rural community in Maryland and, prior to working for Creative Treatments, held a number of jobs in different industries including insurance and secretarial work.

Donna came to work for Mary-Lou and Richard Pagella, the founders of Creative Treatments, as a secretary in the early 2000’s. While the relationship was off to a great start, and Donna was learning quickly, they had no idea of the incredible future to come.

In 2006, after Donna had worked at Creative Treatments for several years, Mary Lou and Richard decided after many years of hard work that they wanted to retire. They invited Donna to take over Creative Treatments, acting as mentors and teaching her how to run the company. Donna’s first major challenge was to steer the company through the 2007-2008 financial crisis, which seriously impacted the housing market and, by extension, the interior design industry. Thanks to her hard work and dedication, the company was able to recover from the crisis and continue to thrive. 

When she’s not working, Donna enjoys spending time with her friends and family, who describe her as a social butterfly. “To me, there truly is nothing more important than your love of family and the relationships you build. Because of that, I understand how we operate our business here at Creative Treatments directly impacts not only our clients’ businesses, but also their families. So, each day, we pride ourselves on being better and working harder for our clients than any other company could because it is not the money that matters; it’s the people”